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Skin And Soft Tissue Surgery Specialist

M. Shane Dawson, MD, FACS -  - General Surgery

M. Shane Dawson, MD, FACS

General Surgery & Robotic Surgery located in Upper East Side, New York, NY

M. Shane Dawson, MD, FACS, frequently performs skin and soft tissue surgeries for men and women from New York’s Upper East Side and beyond. If you’re searching for an experienced and compassionate surgeon for removal of a skin or soft tissue mass or to perform a lymph node biopsy, request an appointment with Dr. Dawson in New York City online or by phone.

Skin and Soft Tissue Surgery Q & A

What is soft tissue surgery?

There are various types of surgery, and one way to categorize procedures is by the type of tissue or areas of focus. Soft tissue surgery includes procedures that focus on your soft tissues, which include your skin, muscles, and lymph nodes.

What are some common types of soft tissue surgeries?

There are numerous types of soft tissue surgeries, many of which focus on your skin and the tissues immediately below your skin.  


Lipomas are lumps under your skin that develop from excessive fat cell growth. They are considered a benign form of tumor and carry no risk of cancer. Lipomas can occur anywhere, and feel like soft lumps that move a bit when you press down on them.

Lipomas grow slowly and can range in size from 2-3 centimeters to larger than 10 centimeters. When they occur near the surface of your skin, they are often an aesthetic concern, but lipomas that develop deeper in your body can cause problems in your organs or nerves.

A relatively simple surgical procedure performed on an outpatient basis can remove these growths.


Cysts in your skin are fluid-filled bumps that feel slightly firm beneath the surface of your skin. They are not cancerous but can be aesthetically displeasing or uncomfortable. Cysts are usually painless unless they become infected or inflamed.

A simple outpatient surgical procedure can remove cysts. Because a sac contains a cyst, the procedure focuses on removing the sac wall as well as the contents of the cyst.  

Lymph nodes

Lymph nodes provide a filtering function for your lymphatic system, and often “catch” cancer cells that originate in breast tissue. When screening indicates cancer has spread, it’s advisable to remove some or all nearby lymph nodes.

Lymph nodes can be easily removed during a surgical procedure to remove cancerous breast tissue.  

How are skin cancers surgically removed?

If you have squamous or basal cell skin cancer, there are multiple approaches M. Shane Dawson, MD, FACS, may take to remove cancerous skin cells. Most require only local anesthetic and are an outpatient soft tissue surgical procedure.

Excision is a common option and involves using a scalpel to remove visible cancer and a portion of the surrounding tissue.

Dr. Dawson is experienced in all types of soft tissue surgery and is more than happy to meet with you to discuss your specific set of needs. You can request your one-on-one consultation online at the office of M. Shane Dawson, MD, FACS, or over the phone.